Kunnan Fishing Rods

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Top Kunnan Fishing Rods

Kunnan KIM7-701MS IM7 Series

Kunnan KIM7-701MS IM7 Series Spin Rod 7′ Med 1pc (76872148396) OVSZ

Kunnan K6700-100 Surf Rod

Kunnan K6700-100 Surf Rod Spin 10′ 2Pc Med (76872149765) OVSZ

Kunnan KLBC70M LiveBait Rod Conv.

graphite composite blank with solid fiberglass tip. Smooth nylon butt with graphite gimbal and removable cap. EVA foregrip, graphite reel seat with.

Kunnan KIM7-702MS IM7 Series

Kunnan KIM7-702MS IM7 Series Spin Rod 7′ Med 2pc (76872148397)

Kunnan KIM7-502ULS IM7 Series

Kunnan KIM7-502ULS IM7 Series Spin Rod 5′ UL 2pc (76872148389)

Kunnan K6900-1200 Surf Rod

Kunnan K6900-1200 Surf Rod Spin 12′ 2Pc 20-40Lb Graphite (76872149772) OVSZ

Kunnan KIM7-562LS IM7 Series

Kunnan KIM7-562LS IM7 Series Spin Rod 5’6 Lt 2pc (76872148390)

Kunnan KIM7-701HC IM7 Series

Kunnan KIM7-701HC IM7 Series Trigger Rod 7′ Hvy 1pc (76872148401) OVSZ

Kunnan KBS-56M Solid Glass Boat Rod

Kunnan KBS-56M Solid Glass Boat Rod Spin 5’6 Med (76872149759) OVSZ

Kunnan KIM7-602MS IM7 Series

Kunnan KIM7-602MS IM7 Series Spin Rod 6′ Med 2pc (76872148393)

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